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Our plans for 2021

/ By Ned Zimmerman

Dear friends and followers of Great Island Arts,

We’ve decided that in the interests of health and safety, we will be suspending our residency program until 2022. This is a sad announcement to make, but we feel that it’s for the best.

We’d hoped to return from our 2020 hiatus with two residency sessions next year, but then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. Travel and quarantine restrictions meant that Ned, our residency co-ordinator, was unable to return to Nova Scotia as he had planned to spend June working on improvements to the living and studio spaces on Great Island. Ned and Faith are back in Nova Scotia now, but the recent increase in COVID-19 cases throughout Atlantic Canada leaves us feeling that it’s best not to attempt a residency in 2021 given that we may need to cancel it at the last minute.

Instead, we’ll spend next year working on planned improvements to the living and studio spaces on Great Island. We also intend to run some remote programming next spring and summer, and we’ll have more to share about that soon.

Until then, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe, and we’ll be in touch in the New Year!

All our best, The Great Island Arts Co-op Board (Bill, Faith, Jaime, Ned, and Rajee)